About Moonlight Tokyo

Moonlight Tokyo Shop is a global online T-shirts shop based in Tokyo. Our mission is to make our customers feel better by pursuing our ideal t-shirts.

Our ideal T-shirts are:
– Casual yet cool T-shirts that can be worn in various ways.
– Ultra high quality replica T-shirts worn by everyone’s favorite musicians, movie stars and celebrities.
– Urban/mystical/oriental design T-shirts featuring Cyberpunk, ukiyo-e, kanji, etc.

The founder’s story

When I (the founder) was a teenager, I was dying for the cool T-shirts worn by my favorite musicians, movie stars, and celebrities. However, they were not sold anywhere, or even if they were, the quality or price didn’t meet my satisfaction. So I started making T-shirts by hand-copying the designs on plain Hanes T-shirts with a marker pen. I think the origin of my business was selling T-shirts made like that way to my friends.

When I became a college student, I started to get hooked on cyberpunk culture, including Akira, Blade Runner, and Daft Punk. It’s urban, fantastic and oriental, and it’s just cool and I love it. It was the moment when I, a Japanese guy who had been absorbed in Western youth culture, first realized the goodness of Japan. With Photoshop, a small Epson printer, and a t-shirt kit, I started making my own t-shirts and selling them to my friends.

What we’ve done and what we want to do

Along the way,  we have sold a large amount of our T-shirts to customers all over the world. I would like to continue to be passionate and deliver our commitment to customers.

Please enjoy shopping at Moonlight Tokyo Shop.

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Moonlight Tokyo Shop是一家位于东京的全球在线T恤店。我们的使命是通过追求理想的T恤让客户感到满意。


– 休闲而又凉爽,可以各种方式穿着。
– 我们最喜爱的音乐家,电影明星和名人穿的超高品质复刻T恤。
– 具有Cyber​​punk, 浮世绘 ,汉字等的城市/神秘/东方设计T恤。


当我还是青少年的时候,我很喜欢我最喜欢的音乐家,电影明星和名人穿的很酷的T恤。然而,他们并没有在任何地方出售,或者即使他们是,质量或价格也没有。所以我开始制作T恤,手工复制简单的Hanes T恤上的设计用记号笔。我认为我的业务的起源是销售这样的T恤给我的朋友。

当我还是一名大学生时,我开始迷上cyberpunk文化,包括Akira,Blade Runner和Daft Punk。这是城市,梦幻和东方,它很酷,我喜欢它。就在这一刻,我,一个专注于西方青年文化的日本人,首先意识到了日本的善良。使用Photoshop,小型Epson打印机和T恤套件,我开始制作自己的T恤并将它们卖给我的朋友。



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Moonlight Tokyo は東京を拠点とし国内外で販売を行っているオンラインTシャツショップです。 私達のミッションは、理想のTシャツを追求することでお客様に満足していただくことです。

– カジュアルにもクールにも着まわせるTシャツ
– ミュージシャン、映画スター、セレブが着用したTシャツの超高品質レプリカTシャツ
– サイバーパンク、浮世絵、漢字などをあしらった都会的/幻想的/東洋的なデザインのTシャツ







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